Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A Journey's End

Until a year ago at this time, I had spent the last 15 years living out of what amounted to two suitcases worth of personal possessions. My backpack took me to Crown College, Lithuania, Kyrgyzstan, Massachusetts, Yellowstone, Cooke City, Scotland, Paris, Germany, and numerous other countries and states in between.

This blog has captured it all, and it now holds just a few of the many, many stories that this photo represents. But as I now retire from living out of two suitcases and traversing the globe and country on 1-month—4-year adventures, my hectic life at Whitworth will afford me little by way of interesting tales to tell. And so, as I officially retire from that life, I have also decided to retire this blog. It has been fun to keep; it has been fun to share; the time now seems right to end it.

To all of you who have kept in touch with me via this blog over the years, thank you. To all of you who have taken an interest in my life’s journeys via this blog, thank you.

I do know that my adventures won’t end simply because I now have a permanent address outside of Minnesota. My camera will continue to go with me on spontaneous day trips, hikes, and (eventually) planned journeys beyond Spokane. For that reason, I’ll continue to add photos now and then to the other blog I’ve kept over the years, the photo blog: www.haleylaraepictures.blogspot.com. The only stories it contains are those told in the pictures. If you want to see a photo when I add one, you can input your email address at the bottom of the blog. When I post a photo, it will be sent directly to your email. I guarantee you, it won’t be often!

Again, from 2006 when this blog was started until now, thank you.


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